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Welcome to the Medieval Perth Trail!


In the Middle Ages Perth was one of the most important places in Scotland. It was a major trading centre, was often visited by kings, and frequently hosted meetings of the Scottish Parliament. Perth was particularly significant during the 1420s and 1430s, when it looked as though King James I might make the burgh the capital of Scotland. These ambitions came to a tragic end in 1437 when James was murdered while staying in Perth. 

The Medieval Perth Trail guides you through a reconstruction of how the burgh might have looked around the time of James I’s death. Here you can explore a lost townscape and discover more about the lives of the traders, churchmen, and travellers who once filled the streets of Perth.  

The trail was created by Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust in collaboration with the University of St Andrews and Smart History. Their representation of medieval Perth was inspired by historic documents and decades of archaeological work undertaken in Perth by a number of different researchers. 

Click on the flags to get more information on the interactive map above.